Will It Work: Social Lifestyle Content Shoppable?

A New Way Of Shopping Online?

Yes, the popular sportswear brand, Reebok has taken a leap of faith by using Social Lifestyle Content as a way to advertise their products online. Trash the old photos of a product with a white background by physically wearing the product on average day to day models. This is a huge shift for the Digital Marketing world, as more and more business are trying to differentiate themselves from their competitors. One thing is certain, Reebok will not be the only online shop doing this within a weeks time. 

Beginning with Instagram, consumers who see images and videos featuring athletes using Reebok products on the brand’s social channels will now be able to learn more about different ranges and easily buy the products in those posts. This is part of a broader strategy on Reebok’s part to accommodate the growing number of consumers who discover products and shop online through social channels.

Reebok made the shift to enhance their overall customer experience with the new technology. A return on investment will be generated from the branded content and social activities that leads to ecommerce sales. Allin the chief marketing manager of Reebok mentioned: “It’s helping Reebok create a clearer path of what our customer journey is really about, while our ecommerce will directly be influenced with an increase in sales. 

The image above was taken from the Official Reebok UK Instagram page. Using Lifestyle content with a large amount of Instagram hashtags is a winning combination for the Reebok social media strategy. One of the main reasons Reebok used Lifestyle Content is that their consumers are increasingly finding products through the images and videos that brands post to their social media channels. Reebok, part of adidas, also plans to integrate shoppable lifestyle content into online advertising campaigns.

Lifestyle content might be the next “Big Thing” that happens to the world of Digital Marketing. 

Published: 4 September 2017

Kim Lottering

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  • I had no idea there is such a thing as shoppable lifestyle content. This article definitely changed the way I look at Reebok’s social media strategy and overall marketing strategy.

  • Wow! I have never even though of advertising in such a manner! I really appreciate your blog! It is a real eye opener, that a company like ReeBok would advertise in a different manner!
    Such a value article! Thank you for sharing, Armand.

  • Thank you for the comment Sharen. Reeboks new social media strategy is super cool and allows customers to shop their products in real life. Just snap a picture, find it on the Reebok app/ online store and buy x Easy as one, two, three

  • Hello Kim! Its interesting to know that Reebok is using Social Lifestyle Content as a way to advertise their products online and I agree consumers prefer seeing people physically wearing the product on average day to day basis. It makes it more relate-able for the customers. I also prefer this method of advertising, I would rather like to see a product on a model than just a photo of the product with a white background.

  • I agree 100% Danielle. Like you say, this type of advertising is more relatable for consumers. I would also prefer to see the items on ordinary people rather than on a white background.

  • Yes yes, i am all for what Reebok are trying to do. personally i think it benefits the products cause its also provides like a motionless demonstration. Awesome post thanks Kim!

  • Thank you for the compliment Willie, companies need to create a competitive advantage in order to stay in the game and Reebok is a great example!

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