Good Idea: Building a Digital Marketing Organization?

The CMO Survey results speak for itself:

The trend has changed.  Organisations are rapidly moving away from spending large amounts of money on traditional advertising, such as Billboards, as return on investment for traditional advertising is not measurable. The shift has resulted in organisations spending most of their marketing budget on Digital Marketing. Companies will spend 13% more on digital marketing compared to an 8.9% increase in overall marketing spend in the next year.  These statements are backed up by the CMO Survey.


The CMO Survey states that the performance of organisations are lagging as businesses focus more on creating a Digital Marketing Strategy rather than building a digital marketing organisation. 

A Digital Marketing Organisation uses digital marketing activities as the core strategy in their organisations functions, which results in digital marketing changing the way in which companies operate. 

Our Viewpoint:

A more sophisticated analysis is necessary to determine the effects of digital marketing spending versus digital marketing organization on a firms performance. The phone company Apple was the overall winner in the 2017 Awards. Their innovative implementation of creating a workspace incorporating digital marketing strategies made them the biggest achiever. Building a digital marketing organisation will not only create a strong digital marketing performance, but it will also create a competitive advantage that businesses can use to isolate themselves from their competitors. 

Apple, who was the overall winner in the 2017 survey implemented three basic elements in their organisation, which led them to creating a hugely successful digital marketing organisation. Empathy, Focus and Imput was the three main elements to their success. Empathy created employees that truly understood the customer’s needs and wants, focus created an employee that removed unimportant tasks from his daily routine, only focusing on what really matters. While the last element: imput, focused on the employee delivering their marketing speech to the customer in a professional and creative manner. 

Businesses should focus on creating the perfect digital marketing organisation. These businesses shall discover their true potential, if digital marketing is implemented correctly. A huge Thank You to the CMO Survey team, for creating the valuable content!

Published: 31 August 2017

Kim Lottering

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  • I agree with you! Digital marketing is the future of marketing and what better way to get ahead of the game than by creating and building a Digital marketing organization! Great blog post.

  • Hi Kim! The CMO survey provides TONS of valuable information towards Digital marketing like ourselves. Businesses should really focus on creating the perfect digital marketing organisation. Thanks for sharing your blog to us!

  • I totally agree Armand. Businesses should really focus on creating the perfect digital marketing organisation in order to create a competitive advantage.

  • Hello Kim! I agree that it’s important for a digital marketing organisation to use digital marketing activities as the core strategy in their organisations functions and it’s interesting to know that Apple was the overall winner in the 2017 and that it was all because they implemented three elements such as empathy, focus and imput. Really liked reading about the CMO survey.

  • wow thanks for this one! a huge amount of valuable info here and a huge amounts of info CMO surveys can provide. Great post Kim.

  • Thank you Daniel, Digital marketing is here to stay. Businesses should spend more money on digital marketing than traditional marketing as digital marketing can be tracked and measured unlike traditional marketing.

  • It is a great pleasure Willie, glad I could help! Digital marketing is definitely here to stay. Thank you for your comment.

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