Facebook Reviews Could Damage Your Business

facebook reviews could be bad for business

In 2016, Bright Local conducted a local consumer review survey in the US. They concluded that 84% of consumers trust online reviews as much as a personal recommendation. 

Facebook Business Pages gives businesses many tools and features that help their business grow and in return increases sales. A Facebook business page allows two-way communication between the organisation and the consumer. It also allows customers to ask questions and leave opinions on the brands Facebook business page. These opinions could be in the form of Facebook reviews. These customer opinions can either be positive or negative, but once uploaded, these reviews cannot be deleted unless the entire reviews function is removed. 

4 reasons to pay attention to facebook reviews and why facebook reviews is important

1.Facebook reviews outperform YELP. 

A study done by ReviewTrackers illustrated that the reviews on Facebook Business Pages are growing four times faster than on any other rating sites such as Google Plus and YELP. 

Laura Donovan explains that 70% of customers are likely to leave a comment about their experiences with a brand and these 70% of consumers are looking towards Facebook to leave their opinions. Consumers do not have to leave a review on the brands Facebook Business Page, but can leave one on their own user profile where all of their Facebook friends can see the post. 

2. Facebook reviews influence consumer purchasing decisions. 

Chris Campbell conducted research and concluded that 80% of consumers stated that they won’t buy a brands products or services based on the reviews that they have read. Consumers want to know other consumers’ experiences with a brand before handing over their money. Consumers do not want to read statistics formulated by the brand itself but wants to read user-generated content in the form of customer reviews and customer opinions and experiences.


3. Facebooks local search results rank based on ratings and reviews. 

Facebook has been working on their own Professional Services, where customers can search for local businesses right from their Facebook account. The listings Facebook gives users will be based on location as well as the ranks and Facebook reviews. Businesses who have more positive reviews, shares and mentions will rank higher on the Facebook search results. 

4. Your customers as well as potential customers are using Facebook to search your business. 

Potential customers will be looking at your Facebook business page for reviews and these reviews will determine whether they will do business with you or not. Social Media Today found that 74% of consumers rely on social media such as Facebook for reviews and more information about a brands products and services. These elements will determine whether customers do business with a brand or not.

In my opinion, Facebook reviews are of outmost importance. 

My experience: IYO Burgers sponsored me a Facebook post where customers purchase two burgers for R120 and receive bottomless fries. I thought that this would be a great idea for a date night for me and my boyfriend. The first research I conducted was reading their Facebook reviews. I saw two 1star reviews where customers either received 7 chips or no chips at all. Another customer got their burgers but had to wait for their chips to be served. This customer also stated that “Waited another 15 minutes just to get chips.” After reading these two and many other reviews, I decided it was not worth the drive all the way from Durbanville to Kloof street in Cape Town. This example is a perfect way to illustrate how important Facebook reviews are when making business. 

Businesses need to keep all of their customers satisfied so that the customers leave positive reviews which still leaves room for organisations to do business with potential clients

6 September 2017

By: Kim Lottering 

10 Replies

  • Wow Kim, you changed my perspective on Facebook reviews. I did not enable Facebook reviews on my Facebook business page in order to avoid negative reviews, but after reading your blog post I realize that people are still able to post negative reviews about my business on their personal Facebook pages. Also, no one can post positive reviews about my business on my Facebook business page – which negatively impacts my business, so I might as well enable reviews. Thank you for your insights!

  • It is a great pleasure Sharen! One must definitely consider enabling the reviews on your Facebook Business Page as it will definitely bring in more customers. Potential customers like to read other customers experiences with the brand before purchasing the brands products and services. With your make-up brand, you must definitely consider enabling reviews. Your make-up work is absolutely stunning and I am positive customers only have good things to say.

  • Shocking Kim! I really did not know that 84% of consumers trust online reviews as much as a personal recommendation. I am really going to focus on my Facebook Review section! Thank you for the very important tip! Have a great day further.

  • All businesses should definitely focus on Facebook reviews. I personally always go and read the reviews section before purchasing an organisations products or services.

  • Hello Kim! I never knew that facebook reviews were this important and that consumers look at a business’s reviews and it might influence their purchasing decision. Also the fact that facebook business pages are growing four times faster than any other rating site is pretty impressive. Great information Kim!

  • Hello Danielle, thank you for your comment. After doing research, I have found that Facebook reviews are of utmost important for all businesses, no matter the size, whether small or big. Companies should however always monitor the reviews because you do not want more bad reviews than good.

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