Does Facebook Likes Really Matter? – By Kim Lottering

Many social media markters are driven by how many likes and followers they have. But does the amount of Facebook likes really matter? Does the amount of Facebook likes and followes represent your engagement numbers?

After reading  blog on Kissmetrics, I have gathered some insight as to why Facebook likes really do not matter at all.

Reasons why Facebook likes don't matter

Followers and likes may never engage with your content. 

It’s very easy for Facebook users to hit that like or follow button, but these users don’t guarantee eager engagements. Even though Facebook users have hit that like or follow button, it is very unlikely for them to even see your content due to all the Facebook algorithms. If you would like to read a bit more about Facebook’s algorithm as well as the updated 2017 version, read more here

Facebook likes do not reflect more business or more engagement.  

One particular social media analyst crushed the numbers of ‘vans/likes’ vs. ‘people talking about this.’ This social media analysts goal was to determine whether more likes/vans meant an increase in the level of engagement. 

He concluded that the number of likes one has, really does not matter. The real metric to pay attention to, is “people talking about this“. The social media analyst explains that the true importance and value lies in engagement. 

Matthew Barby explains that it is really not worth it as markers to spend money on trying to get your content seen by new fans. If you would like to see exactly what Matthew Barby found in his study, read the full bog post here


Focus on engagement rather than building likes. 

Facebook can no longer be used to go viral and can no longer be used to spread content like wild fire. Instead, marketers must focus on engagement and communicating with their users. 

Social Ogilvy put it like this: “The power in Facebook remains its potency to generate earned conversation and engagement.”

DO NOT use Facebook as your primary social media platform! 

Social media marketers must NEVER use one social media platform as their primary source to drive traffic and sales. Different customers live on different social media platforms and require different content for each platform. Marketers need to go to where their customers are and should never interrupt users to leave their preferred social media platform in order to see the businesses offer. 

Don’t spend more money. 

Data from Forrester illustrated that Facebook advertising is at the bottom of the list when it comes to proving a business with value. Forrester’s research team asked 395 marketers and executives: “How satisfied are you with the business value your company has achieved by using each of the following marketing channels?” Facebook advertising came dead last! 

In conclusion, don’t focus on how any fans or likes you have, but rather focus on “people talking about this.” And lastly, do not ONLY use Facebook, but use other platforms such as Instagram and Twitter to share your content as well. Go to where your customers live, don’t wait for them to come to you.

If you would like to read a bit more on this topic, click here.  

2 September 2017 : 13:00

By Kim Lottering

Digital Marketing student and owner of Lacy Lingerie South Africa

10 Replies

  • A Huge amount of valuable information here! I totally agree with your opinion that brands should “Focus on engagement rather than building likes. ” It scares me to think about how easy it is nowadays to “buy likes.” Your true followers will engage with every post, well, if you provide them with fresh content! Thanks for the great blog! Regards

  • Thank you for your comment Armand. Nowadays with these fake Instagram accounts, businesses need to definitely engage with their customers and should focus on creating relationships with their customers, rather than focusing on hard-selling.

  • Hello Kim! I too fall into the trap of focusing on likes, completely forgetting that likes actually mean so little. Thank you for reminding me of where my priorities should be and also giving advice on what areas I should rather focus on.

  • Hello Kim! I loved reading this post. It was really interesting for me because I really thought that Facebook likes are important for a business and its image meanwhile its all about engaging with your audience. And I totally agree that its important for a business to use other social media platforms as well. I’ll definitely take this information in consideration.

  • Thank you for your comment Danielle. Before writing this bog post, I also thought that Facebook “likes” were important because the more “likes” you have, the more sales. But that was definitely not the case.

  • Hi Kim Thanks so much for this post. I always thought measuring likes was the best way to measure performance on Facebook its really nice to hear a different opinion that is clearly well researched. thanx again 🙂

  • It is a great pleasure Daniel, thank you for the comment. We as upcoming digital marketers need to focus on engaging with customers and should stop focusing on “likes and fans.” Let’s use this insight for further digital marketing activities.

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