An Hotwire Event: New Communication Trends for 2016

5 Key Trends You Need to Know.

The best digital marketing communication trends for 2016. Here are five current trends that every digital marketer needs to know. 

Platform Wars

Best online platform businesses should be using in 2016: websites are not as important as they used to be, the platforms on which customers live take first priority. This means that businesses must not drive customers to their websites anymore and businesses should not rely on their websites to generate views and revenue. Businesses need to make use of apps and need to sell their products on other reliable sites, such as Amazon, Takealot or Yuppiechef. Businesses need to give up their sense of control by letting go of their websites and not making the website the first priority. Businesses need to serve content to customers on a platform that they are already using. Do not try and interrupt user experiences by sending customers to your website.

Funnel Reversal

Why is funnel reversal important? Businesses need to reverse the funnel by creating personalised content. For example, sending customers Happy Birthday messages when it’s their birthday or maybe sending customers who regularly dye their hair the colour specials for the month. Businesses need to build relationships as well as connections with customers in order to gain their trust. Businesses need to focus on content in order to be seen through all the clutter and once customers see you and engage with you, businesses need to create a connection so that they come back for more.

Our audience is killing advertising

Banner advertisements are a thing of the past. Banner advertisements are seen to disrupt user experiences and leaves customers with a negative experience with the brand. Businesses need to start engaging in native advertising. Native advertising can be defined as: an online publication that has the look and feel of an editorial but is paid for by a company and is used to advertise the companies products or services. Buzzfeed is an extremely good example. As customers are killing businesses advertising, businesses need to find alternative ways to advertise, for example in the beginning of podcasts.

Age! – What is it good for?

The use of age when targeting customers? NO! Age is just a number. Age is equal to laziness as it is the first thing we learn about someone. It is the first question we ask whenever we meet someone new “How old are you?” Businesses need to focus their marketing on hobbies instead of age. For example, we categorise customers into “millennials” meanwhile these customers are all at different ages and are all at different stages in their lives.  Marketers need to understand the different customer segments instead of assuming that all customers act the same. For example, with light-up shoes, there are two kids, both aged 15, boys, one is outgoing and the other is shy. The shy boy will most probably not wear the light-up shoes as they bring attention and he doesn’t want to be noticed while the outgoing boy will definitely wear the shoes because they are cool and everyone will notice them. These two boys are the exact same age, but have different hobbies and are actually the complete opposite. Marketers can therefore not base their marketing campaigns based on age, but rather on hobbies mindset and values.

Living in the moment

So far there are four main social media platforms on which customers can go live namely Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube. Marketers need to focus on what they are feeling in that given moment, instead of focusing on external factors like lighting and make-up. Marketers need to share moments as they happen. With this new type of market, there is no time for planning communication, businesses need to live in the then and there. By creating these live videos, the communication from businesses to consumers becomes spontaneous and results in authentic, transparent messages to the consumer. Do not rely on communication calendars but rather rely on instinct. With live videos, businesses need to live in the moment and embrace the lack of perfection.


Me, myself and I & Marketing

Marketing Messages In New York.
Marketing Messages In Time Square.

We are exposed to thousands of marketing messages a day. Only because I am a digital marketing student, do I realise how bombarded we are with companies trying to sell us their products.

Ron Marshall from Red Crow Marketing Inc. explains that Americans are exposed to about between 4000 – 10 000 advertising messages a day. These messages come in the form of commercials on TV, print ads in magazines and newpapers, Brand labels, Facebook Ads, Google Ads, in-game advertising, just to name a few. All these marketing messages are designed by the AIDA principle – Attention, Interest, Desire, Action.


Businesses create marketing messages in order to attract the customer’s attention, create interest for the product or service being advertised in the minds of the consumer, create desire for the product or service and then lead the consumer into action which refers to buying or purchasing.  

But because we are constantly bombarded with marketing messages, our brains only process a maximum of 100 marketing messages a day! Imagine… Companies spend thousands of rands on an advertising campaign that you don’t even see.

Marketing is however the only way in which companies or organisations expose their business to customers and potential clients. Businesses must nevertheless try to move away from traditional marketing and towards the new rules of marketing.

Businesses must give customers the choice to whether they want to see their marketing messages or not.

For example, when you are watching 7de Laan and there is an advertisement that plays on the TV, you don’t have a choice but to now sit and watch the advertisement, that is only if you don’t get up of course or change the channel (like so many of us actually do).

Or for example when you are in the car, how many of you switch stations when they play the advertisements? That is because you don’t want to listen to the advertisements but want to listen to the music instead. That is also a way in which businesses don’t give consumers the choice to listen to their advertisements or not. Imagine: you are sitting in the car, you have switched through five different radio stations and still there is no music, what do you then listen to? The advertisement on the radio? I thought so, but we did not have a choice.

Some Marketing Messages I Was Exposed To Today:

Let Us Know What Marketing Messages You Saw Today:

What Are You This Valentine’s Day?

Valentines Day

This Valentine’s Day was the first time I have ever celebrated Valentine’s Day with someone, and I was of course ecstatic. My boyfriend on the other hand was not so into the “Valentine’s Day spirit”.

I personally LOVE Valentine’s Day not only because it is the day of celebrating love and I am in love, but because the day radiates happiness, and if you read my “About me” page, you would see that I believe in positivity and happiness. This day emits love, happiness and joy.  

Despite me and my feelings towards Valentine’s Day, my boyfriend thinks it is a money making scheme. A day where businesses spend hundreds of rands on advertising to get as many sales as possible. 


FOR valentines DAY?

ANTI valentines DAY?

Valentines Day
Anti Valentines Day

PRO'S of valentines day

  • It is an excuse to eat chocolate the entire day. 

  • It is an opportunity to slow our busy lives down and tell the people most dear to us that we love them. 
  • We have an excuse to dress up and feel like a princess, whether you are spending this lovely day with someone or not. 
  • Whether you are single, complicated or in a relationship, the atmosphere throughout the day is magical, joyfull and happy. 

Some Romantic Things To Do In cape town on valentines day:


There is no need to spend an enormous amount, or any, on Valentine’s Day gifts for your loved one. There are hundreds of DIY Valentine’s Day gifts on Pinterest, or have a look at BuzzFeed’s article on ” 40 DIY Valentine’s Day Gifts They’ll Actually Want “.

CONS of valentines day

  • The spending of money is involved
  • There are certain expectations – e.g. gifts or a date night. 
  • It could be kind of depressing when you are single… I should know. This was my Facebook status last year: 
Valentines Day


Valentine's day is not for everyone.

Remember that whether you are spending Valentine’s with someone or not, make the best of this wonderful day, it is just a normal day after all. 

I hope everyone had a wonderful Valnetine's Day!