What Are You This Valentine’s Day?

Valentines Day

This Valentine’s Day was the first time I have ever celebrated Valentine’s Day with someone, and I was of course ecstatic. My boyfriend on the other hand was not so into the “Valentine’s Day spirit”.

I personally LOVE Valentine’s Day not only because it is the day of celebrating love and I am in love, but because the day radiates happiness, and if you read my “About me” page, you would see that I believe in positivity and happiness. This day emits love, happiness and joy.  

Despite me and my feelings towards Valentine’s Day, my boyfriend thinks it is a money making scheme. A day where businesses spend hundreds of rands on advertising to get as many sales as possible. 


FOR valentines DAY?

ANTI valentines DAY?

Valentines Day
Anti Valentines Day

PRO'S of valentines day

  • It is an excuse to eat chocolate the entire day. 

  • It is an opportunity to slow our busy lives down and tell the people most dear to us that we love them. 
  • We have an excuse to dress up and feel like a princess, whether you are spending this lovely day with someone or not. 
  • Whether you are single, complicated or in a relationship, the atmosphere throughout the day is magical, joyfull and happy. 

Some Romantic Things To Do In cape town on valentines day:


There is no need to spend an enormous amount, or any, on Valentine’s Day gifts for your loved one. There are hundreds of DIY Valentine’s Day gifts on Pinterest, or have a look at BuzzFeed’s article on ” 40 DIY Valentine’s Day Gifts They’ll Actually Want “.

CONS of valentines day

  • The spending of money is involved
  • There are certain expectations – e.g. gifts or a date night. 
  • It could be kind of depressing when you are single… I should know. This was my Facebook status last year: 
Valentines Day


Valentine's day is not for everyone.

Remember that whether you are spending Valentine’s with someone or not, make the best of this wonderful day, it is just a normal day after all. 

I hope everyone had a wonderful Valnetine's Day!

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